Film Fubb are:

Chris Mitchell – Founding Father – @chrsmtchll

Tom Woffenden – Founding Father – @tomwoffenden


Credit: JanAnimations

Guest Contributors:

Kieron Moore – The Stepbrother – @kieronmoore

Tristan Smyth – The Adopted Nephew – @tristansmyth

Jordan Allwood – The Fifth Horseman Of The Apocalypse – @jordanallwood

Nick Porter – The Number Of The Beast – @napporter

Jonny Lock – The Seventh Seal – @enodge

Matt Judge – The Eighth Wanderer Of The World – @mattyjudge

Ed Templer – The Ninth Who Say ‘Ni’ – @edtemplermusic

Emlyn Roberts-Harry – The Present Tenth – @emlynrh

Louise Jones – The Eleventh Elephant – @ludes_j

Would you like to become a contributor? Please send a sample review to with both your contact information (inc. mother’s maiden name), your last three passwords and your bank account number.


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