Welcome to Film Fubb, the premier blogging site for reviewers, critics and monkeys with typewriters. We are a select group of movie buffs who believe that the modern film industry has been ‘Fucked UBeyond Belief’, and apply this thinking to our articles, keeping them as entertaining and insightful as possible. Our ratings go, from best to worst:

Life Affirming, Faith Restoring, Standard, Sub Par, Shite

We have numerous methods of dissecting the film industry. Our standard Reviews follow the above rating system. Versus reviews sees two of our contributors review the same film. The twist is that one has to love it and one has to hate it, what we call The Defence and The Prosecution. And finally, our Monkey With A Typewriter section contains critical essays and analysis on modern filmmaking.

We’ve also recently added a new interview section, FAQ YOU, where we ask important pertinent questions to people in the industry, or sometimes just strangers we pick up in the street.


LATEST: ‘Minions’ – the ‘Despicable Me’ prequel is standard family fun…

‘Oscar Grouch’

‘2014 – A Year In Review’

Trailer: Deadpool’s red band trailer is not for the faint of heart!

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